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Lewis & Clark Music

Music by today's artists that interprets Lewis & Clark and life in the West.



Gladstone, "Buffalo Republic" CD

Buffalo Republic -
Jack Gladstone

Blackfeet artist Gladstone presents compositions recalling life on the northern Plains and the coming of the Americans.
2000. CD, $16.00.

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Horton & Ankey, "Songs of the Journey" CD

Songs of the Journey -
Bobby Horton & Kindra Ankey

Drawing their inspiration from the Expedition's journals, Horton and Ankey composed the music and use 19th century instruments to present a lively musical version of the Corps' journey.
2001. CD, $15.00.

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David Walburn,  "West for America" CD

West for America -
David Walburn

Singer-songwriter Walburn performs a musical anthology of Lewis and Clark's journey to the Pacific and back.
1999. CD, $15.00.

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Chairmaker's Rush, "Lewis & Clark: Sounds of Discovery"

Lewis & Clark:
Sounds of Discovery-

Chairmaker's Rush

This CD presents the story of the journey through the music that the Expedition took with them and that they encountered along the way.
1999. CD, $16.00.

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