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Lewis & Clark

Videos on DVD and VHS that help you experience the Corps of Discovery.



Rihards, "Deerskins into Buckskins"

Deerskins into Buckskins:
How to Tan with Brains, Soap or Eggs -
Matt Richards

Ever wonder how Lewis & Clark made the clothes they wore? Tanning expert Matt Richards presents step-by-step techniques for creating buckskins in this entertaining video.
Running time: approximately 120 minutes.
1 DVD, $25.00.
(Also available as a softcover book here.)

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"Lewis & Clark" by A&E's Biography VHS

Lewis & Clark:
Explorers of the New Frontier -
from A&E Channel's "Biography" series

Part of A&E's "Biography" series, the video brings to life the Lewis and Clark story and features interviews with Lewis and Clark scholars, including Gary Moulton and James Ronda.
Running time: approximately 50 minutes.
1 VHS videotape, $12.50.

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Idaho Public Television, "The Journey of Sacagawea"

The Journey of Sacagawea -
Idaho Public Television

This film, hosted and narrated by acclaimed folk singer Rita Coolidge, documents the life of Sacagawea as told through the oral histories of Shoshoni, Hidatsa, Nez Perce and Mandan people, as well as through the wriiten documentation of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.
Running time: 60 minutes.

DVD: $29.98.

VHS: $24.98.

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Lifelong Learning Project, "Native Homelands along the Lewis & Clark Trail"

Native Homelands along the Lewis & Clark Trail -
Lifelong Learning Project of the University of Montana

In this fascinating video, tribal members of American Indian groups that the Corps encountered from North Dakota to the Pacific discuss their history and lifeways.
Running time: 35 minutes.
1 DVD, $19.95.

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Going-to-the-Sun Institute, "Two Worlds at Two-Medicine"

Two Worlds at Two-Medicine:
The Blackfeet Meet Meriwether Lewis in the Only Deadly Encounter with Native Americans of the Entire Expedition
Going-to-the-Sun Institute

Narrated by Native American elders, educators and cultural historians, this film recounts Lewis' violent misunderstanding with the Blackfeet along the banks of Montana's Two-Medicine River in 1806. (Portions of the proceeds of sales of this video support cultural preservation and historical education on Montana's Blackfeet Indian reservation.)
Running time: 35 minutes.
1 DVD, $19.95.

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