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A wide variety of publications covering Lewis & Clark and the West ...
for all ages
Lewis & Clark Books


Choose from the following categories covering the Expedition, the Corps personnel, their discoveries, and the world around them:

Interpretive History features works from Lewis & Clark historians and afficianados. This category includes works by Stephen Ambrose, James Ronda, John Logan Allen, Clay Jenkinson, and more.

The Journals includes editions of the Corps' writings. We feature editions by Eliot Coues, Reuben Gold Thwaites, Bernard DeVoto, and Gary Moulton.

Traveling the Trail helps you follow today's Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail. Publications cover the entire Trail, as well as specific segments, such as mountain crossings or the Corps' route through a particular state.

Members of the Corps comprises biographies of the Corps' members, including York and Sacagawea.

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