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A wide variety of publications covering Lewis & Clark and the West ... for all ages


Choose from the following categories:

American Indians - Books that celebrate the rich culture of this continent's first nations.
Lewis & Clark - A wide variety of publications covering the Expedition:
     Interpretive History features works from Lewis & Clark historians and afficianados
     The Journals includes editions of the Corps' writings, including works by Moulton, De Voto, and Coues
     Traveling the Trail helps you follow today's Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
     Members of the Corps comprises biographies of the Corps' members, including York and Sacagawea.
Jefferson & the West - Books associated with Thomas Jefferson's life, his accomplishments, and his vision of the West and its consequences.
Nature - Books and field guides to help you get the most from your outdoor activities.
Children - Books covering the above categories that are designed for younger readers, including chapter books and activity books.

Just for Fun - books that touch the creative side of the Corps' story.
Rare & Out-of-Print - Hard-to-find items relating to Lewis & Clark and American Indians, including out-of-print books. All are available from us in limited quantites.