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American Indians
Books that celebrate the rich culture of this continent's first nations.


Josephy, Jr., "500 Nations"

500 Nations:
An Illustrated History of
North American Indians -

Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.

This richly illustrated and insightfully written book presents American Indian history from before the arrival of the Europeans to the present day. Celebrated historian Josephy touches on the rich cultures, famous leaders and orators, and fascinating societies of the North American continent.
Hardcover, 468 pp, $50.00.

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Laubin & Laubin, "The Indain Tipi: Its History, Construction, and Use" (2nd Edition)

The Indian Tipi:
Its History, Construction, and Use
(2nd Edition) -

Reginald & Gladys Laubin

This book covers a wide variety of topics concerning tipis, including construction, furnishing, decorations, traveling with them, and their role in the daily life of the
American Indians.
Softcover, 343 pp, $24.95.

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McHugh, "The Time of the Buffalo"

The Time of the Buffalo -
Tom McHugh

Fascinating information about the buffalo, its role in the ecology of the Great Plains, its uses by the American Indians, and its importance in their spirituality.
Softcover, 339 pp, $18.95.

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Branch, "The Hunting of the Buffalo"

The Hunting of the Buffalo -
E. Douglas Branch

Originally published in 1929, this volume draws on letters, recollections, and Indian legends to record the habits of the great herds, their importance, and their decimation. Softcover, 240 pp, $12.95.

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Schultz (Seele, ed.), "Blackfeet and Buffalo"

Blackfeet and Buffalo -
James Willard Schultz
(Keith C. Seele, ed.)

Schultz was a fur trapper at the end of the 1800s who married into the Blackfeet nation and turned to exploration and guiding following the decline of the buffalo. This book recounts his life among the Blackfeet in the days of the buffalo.
Softcover, 384 pp, $19.95.

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